Personal weblogs are so five years ago

by Chris on April 20, 2011

I’ve been sitting on this domain for almost nine years, using it for little besides e-mail, and more recently a tiny, rarely changed personal website where most visitors never click past the first page. Often I’d think about starting a weblog where I would incessantly complain about life, music, technology, politics and other incredibly unimportant things. But why? There must be at least a hundred million of these things already, and no more than one potential reader for every ten weblogs. Who’s going to read this tripe when there’s, at minimum, thousands of other longer running, more well-written weblogs with established readerships with whom one can roll around in the comment threads and defeat the hordes of inglorious trolls?

So, what have I done? I’ve created yet another mostly useless, largely unread weblog, just like everyone and their uncle did in 2006. Will it ever be more than just this? Will I ever add any unique, one-of-kind content more than once every 35 months? Will I update the largely contentless static pages more than once per year? The answer’s probably, “No.” Next year, maybe? Don’t count on it. Perhaps you’ll see something different in 2021, when weblogs could once again be as fashionable as Facebook and Twitter were in 2008.

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